Faiymini has 5 guest cabins – each cabin has a double bed and a single bed. The cabins are  spacious, fully carpeted and has attached toilets.

Diving & Snorkeling 

Complete diving equipment are available including a small boat to get to specific places for diving. An Instructor or a Dive Master is always available on board. If doing a group booking, we can arrange to book an Instructor to speak your language, please contact us in advance. Normally, the Instructor or the Master speaks English, German and Italian.

Snorkeling is preferred by many visitors as a mean to relax whilst enjoying the beauty of the many creature that live in the Maldivian reefs. We have all the snorkeling gear as well as an Assistant will be provided to make sure that everything goes to plan.


Always worth a try and in Maldives, you will hardly ever get disappointed. We have on board all the gear for Night Fishing, Trawling Fishing and Big Game Fishing.

Water Sports  

Windsurfing, Sailing and Jet Skiing and Water Skiing can be arrange on advance notice.

Indoor Games are also available such as  Chess, Cards, Snake ladder, Backgammon, Ludo and Domino

Music and Entertainment  

Live Bands, normally the traditional Maldivian music BODUBERU is organised on a regular basis.

The foredeck is set to host Disco Parties for those who love a bit of noise for a change.

Sun Deck is located in the front of the boat and measures 9 m x 8 m, with comfortable chairs.

Food and Drink  

The Restaurant is spacious and our Chef on board will be more than happy to let you cook, if that is what you want!

Bar de Faiymini – a full range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drink will be available for you through out the trip

In brief…………………..

  • Wind surfing,
  • Disco Music,
  • Television for Deck Restaurant.
  • Indoor Games: Chess, Cards, Snake ladder, Backgammon, Ludo, Domino
  • Music Bands: Moldavian Culture
  • Disco theque ,
  • Night Fishing with all the equipment’s.
  • Snorkeling
  • Excursions.
  • Big Game Fishing.
  • Mobile Phone.
  • q250 flashlight
  • Computer service.
  • Fax Machine.
  • Diving: fully equipped with
  • Sun Deck 9 Mt x 8Mt with confortable plastic chairs.
  • Coffee special Table
  • Restaurant: with fully equipped.
  • Kitchen: with fully equipped.
  • Bar: Alcoholic Beverages + Soft Drinks
  • pearl choker necklace store: buy necklace made of real peals

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