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(a) Diving Safari – South Male’ Atoll      (b) Sailing Safari – Male’ and Ari Atoll


7 Days Diving Safari South Male Atoll – 2 dives per day  View Map

Day 1

On arrival, sail from the airport to Laguna Beach Resort in Male’ Atoll, the sailing will take approximately 60 minutes.1st Dive at Vaadhoo Channel , 2nd Dive at Lagoona Curve , you will be able to see several beautiful tropical fish as well as Manta  and Sharks

Day 2

Sail from Laguna Beach Resort to Emboodhoo Finolhu.  Sailing time is about 30 minutes. 1st Dive  at Emboodhoo Kandu  , and 2nd Dive at Dhigfinolhu Rack , Back to Gulhi and anchor

Day 3

Anchored at Emboodhoo Finolhu near Gulhi in South Male’ Atoll. Dive at Bushi ( Diving Point Manta) and Back to Guraidhoo , Dive at Guraidhoo Ranthila ( Dive Point, see sharks , Napoleons Fish , Tortoise , Long Tuna Fish ). The vessel will be anchored at Guraidhoo Reef.

Day- 4

Dive at Guraidhoo Dhekunu Kandu ( Morning ) (Dive Point , See sharks and Eagle Rays. 2nd Dive at Guraidhoo Corner ( Dive Point , See difference Sharks.)

Day 5

Dive at Kandooma Curve ( Dive Point: See difference type of Sharks ) 2nd Dive at Vaagali Dive Point .( See Manta Rays and sharks. Spend the night near Vaagali Island – an uninhabited island. Maybe you can pick up pink pearl on the island.

Day 6

Dive at Vagaali House Reef ( Back to Sahrk Point See sharks. Back to Baros Island Resort Reef Black

Day 7

Sail from Baros to Club Med near the airport island of Hulhule and Male’.

Dive at the famous Banana Reef .  Sightseeing and shopping excursion to the capital city of Male’ will also be organized.

Day 8

Departure drop to the airport

Sailing Safari –  Male’ and Ari Atoll         View Map

Day 1

On arrival, board the vessel and sail to Kandooma Tourist Resort in South Male’ Atoll – Dolphin Sail – many dolphins will be seen on the way.  Visit and enjoy the evening entertainments at Kandooma – a resort well known for the vibrant atmosphere.

Day 2

Set sail before sunrise to Vaagali on the western fringes of South Male’ Atoll and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on board your vessel Faiymini.

The island of Vaagali is an uninhabited island and day picnics and barbeque lunch will be organized. Dive and snorkel in the nearby reefs. Extra charges shall be applied for dive equipment and world’s brightest torch hire.

Day 3

Set sail just after lunch on a long 4 – 5 hour voyage crossing the Ari Atoll Channel Sea – Rasdhoo Kandu – and view the sunset just prior to reaching the island of Mahibadhoo – the capital island of South Ari Atoll. You will be able to visit the island and entertainment can be arranged on request.

Day 4

Snorkeling and visiting uninhabited islands nearby. Set sail to the north of Ari Atoll near Mushimasmigilli and Meerufenfushi. A  night BBQ will be organized in the uninhabited island with music and dance.

Day 5

Visit some of the famous snorkeling and diving locations in the area. Late sail to Dhangethi Island, an inhabited islands in South Ari Atoll.

Day 6:

Visit the Tourist Centre in Dhangethi. Set sail after lunch to Male’.

Day 7:

Male’ sightseeing and shopping excursion

Day 8 :

Departure drop to the airport.