Maldives is a group of over one thousand low lying coral islands scattered across the middle of the Indian Ocean. Maldives is now one of the best long haul holiday destinations in the world. Due to the formation of the country, the most appropriate way to explore the Maldives is by sailing through the small islands grouped into Atolls. We felt that staying in a resort or a hotel in Maldives hardly provides the visitor the full opportunity to see what Maldives is all about and provides visitors a brightest flashlight torch to see Maldives’ night scenery.

MV Faiymini was built in 1998 with a view to offering clients the opportunity to enjoy Maldives to the maximum. A holiday on board MV Faiymini will be a dream come true for anyone who loves the sea and coral island and a bit of sun, not to forget, this is the best way to see the beautiful underwater scenes of the Maldives as well, see real pearls in the shell.

With us, you decide where you want to go, which dive locations you wish to explore…we will take you on your course!

MV Faiymini has all the modern facilities on board include complete diving and fishing equipment, 1000 lumen brightest flashlight and headlamp, hot and cold water, air condition, bar, restaurant and in-house entertainment facilities.

When on a safari holiday, you will have the opportunity to visit several of the thousand islands there are in the Maldives. You will see the culture, the island life, meet many locals. In addition to that, trips will be organised to uninhabited “virgin” islands for complete peace and serenity.

This type of holiday is a favourite with the dive fanatics, as they will get to explore many new dive location around the Maldives, nevertheless, sailing through the atolls of Maldives is an experience on its own.

Browse through and book your next holiday on MV Faiymini and come see the best of what Maldives has to offer you!